“If only we could record our conversations…”

This was something Bryan and Michael had said countless times as teenagers in the late 90’s. Through more than 20 years of friendship, had half of their conversations been recorded there wouldn’t be a reason to do this podcast. They could simply collect the best moments of those conversations and have material for countless episodes. A few years ago Bryan and Michael were trying to figure out a way to compile their favorite memories and fill in the blanks of details lost over time. Bryan approached Michael with the idea of doing a podcast. It was exactly what they wished they could do when they were young. What was born out of that idea was the Trial and Error podcast. And that’s exactly what it was. Trial and error. Learning on the fly. 

What is EXTRA ordinary?

EXTRA ordinary was born through the podcast, “Trial and Error,” but also through the process of trial and error. Bryan, Michael, and the friends who join them are ordinary folks, just like you, but with something more. Something… EXTRA. They’ll never claim to be extraordinary. They are EXTRA–ordinary. 

More than an ordinary podcast. It’s EXTRA.